There was very little change in Canada's employment numbers for October according to Stats Canada.

18k jobs were added to the economy, a considerable drop from August and September which collectively saw 104k jobs added to the economy.

Most of the gains were in construction, information, culture and recreation,

With a decrease seen in wholesale and retail trade as well as manufacturing.

Men aged 55 and older were able to find more work which is the first increase in that demographic since April, while youth in the 15 to 24 year age category saw an increase in unemployment to 11.4 percent.

Notably unemployment for youth who are Indigenous or part of a racialized group was much higher.

For the 4th consecutive month there was limited change in Ontario's employment rate which sits at 61.4 percent.

New Brunswick saw 2,400 new jobs bringing the unemployment rate down point-6 percentage points to 6.6 percent.

Nova Scotia saw 8,200 new jobs which did little to change its unemployment rate which sits at 6.6 percent.