The province has released its 2020 Sunshine List, which lists the names and salaries of those who work in the public sector and make over $100,000 per year.

Over 205,000 employees made this year’s list, as Ontario reports a 23 percent increase from employees who made over $100,000 in 2019. Ontario adds about 75 percent of that growth is from hospitals, public health units and school boards.

The leading salary is Ontario Power Generation’s President and CEO Kenneth Hartwick, with a salary of over $1.2 million. OPG executives make up four of the top five spots on the list, and six of the top ten spots overall.

Kenora’s James Kerry Macdonald and John Kelly Mcdonald lead northwestern Ontario once again as Pathologists with the Lake of the Woods District Hospital. John Kelly’s salary is listed at $327,000. James Kerry, who also serves as the hospital’s Laboratory Medical Director, has a reported salary of $332,791.

Other local public sector salaries include:

City of Kenora’s Clerk Heather Pihulak - $147,353
City of Kenora’s Treasurer Charlotte Edie - $124,840
City of Kenora’s Manager of Community Services Stace Gander - $124,840

City of Dryden’s CAO Roger Nesbitt $176,570
City of Dryden’s Treasurer Steven Lansdell-Roll - $147,653
City of Dryden’s Manager of Public Works Blake Poole - $131,775

Municipality of Sioux Lookout’s CAO Michelle Larose - $144,527
Municipality of Sioux Lookout’s Treasurer Carly Collins - $106,988
Municipality of Sioux Lookout’s Manager of Corporate Services Brian MacKinnon - $126,440

Kenora Catholic’s Director of Education Derek Haime - $182,000
Keewatin-Patricia’s Director of Education Sherri-Lynne Pharand - $198,794
Northwest Catholic’s Director of Education Brendan Hyatt - $204,799

Dryden Regional Health Centre CEO Doreen Armstrong-Ross - $188,949
Lake of the Woods District Hospital President and CEO Ray Racette - $214,563
Meno Ya Win Health Centre’s CEO Heather Lee - $241,446

Kenora Fire Chief Todd Skene - $125,055
Dryden’s Chief of Police Doug Palson - $167,755
ORNGE’s Base Manager Anthony Sharp - $131,440

Kenora District Services Board CAO Henry Wall - $182,064
CMHA’s Executive Director Sara Dias - $126,715
District of Kenora Home for the Aged CEO Kevin Queen - $155,693

The Public Salary Disclosure Act of 1996 makes Ontario’s public sector organizations report names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in the previous calendar year.

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