Over the past week, the Dryden and Ignace OPP laid 34 charges and responded to 112 calls for service.

Some of the calls include;

  • 10 - Traffic Complaints
  • 4 - RIDE
  • 3 - Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • 2 - Assaults
  • 1 Bail Violation

The OPP reminds residents that minor incidents can be reported through the OPP online reporting system. The online system can be used for crimes that include lost property, stolen license plates, theft from vehicles, driving complaints, and property damage without an officer having to be dispatched to the scene, provided there are no suspects, injuries or the incident is not an emergency. 

Dryden held a Special Council meeting virtually on May 17 to listen to the OPP’s new costing proposal. City councillors in Dryden now have six months to once again decide to amalgamate the Dryden Police Service with the OPP, or to leave them as a stand-alone municipal police force.

All said and done, the OPP’s proposal is listed at about $6 million but costs are estimated to be well over that with additional costs. The proposal is broken down as:

$3,929,131 for uniform members’ salary and benefits,
$506,476 for civilian staff members’ salary and benefits,
$456,326 for support staff members’ salary and benefits,
$468,805 in yearly operating expenses,
$710,775 in one-time transitional costs,
- $55,325 in year-one adjustments and savings,
= $6,016,188