The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has confirmed six new fires in the northwest region. 

  • Thunder Bay 58 is located near Pikitigushi Lake, approximately 34 kilometres east/northeast of Armstrong. The 0.1 hectare fire is not under control and received air attack today. 
  • Thunder Bay 59 is located near McGinnis Lake, approximately 105 kilometres west of Thunder Bay. The 0.5 hectare fire is not under control. 
  • Nipigon 16 is located east of Long Lake, approximately 27 kilometres south/southeast of Geraldton. The 1.0 hectare fire is not under control. 
  • Red Lake 57 is located near the Sabourin River in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, approximately 56 kilometres northwest of Red Lake. The 0.5 hectare fire is being observed. 
  • Nipigon 17 is located near Obobka Lake, approximately 34 kilometres east/southeast of Nakina. The 1.0 hectare fire is not under control. 
  • Fort Frances 55 is located near Sark Lake in Quetico Provicial Park, approximately 46 kilometres southeast of Atikokan. The 5.0 hectare fire is being observed.

Most notably, Kenora 51 has expanded its boundaries in the Eagle/Snowshoe/Woodland Caribou Provincial Parks, aided by strong fire behavior and extreme fire hazard conditions in the Kenora sector. Kenora 51 is being observed and has been remapped to a size of 22,252 hectares. 

Due to the extreme weather and dry conditions, the MNRF reminds residents that there is a restricted fire zone, which will be in effect until further notice. Outdoor fires are banned. Portable gas stoves may still be used BUT must be handled with extreme care.