The price of gasoline in the Kenora area has once again hit an all-time high.

Fuel prices jumped about 7 cents per litre from 182.9 to 189.9 at three service stations in Kenora on May 2, and prices are expected to even out across the community in the coming days. Fuel prices had sat at 182.9 for the previous two weeks.

This is the highest average price that gas has ever been in the Kenora region dating back to 2008, according to records from GasBuddy.

The price of gas continues to be priced at 185.9 cents per litre in Dryden, with no recent increases. There are no reported prices in Sioux Lookout at the time of publishing. Previously, Sioux Lookout prices ranged between 190.7 and 195 cents per litre.

In Winnipeg, there’s an over 20 cent per litre difference compared to the Kenora area, with fuel stations charging between 166.5 and 168.9 per litre. There’s a huge range of prices in Thunder Bay, sitting anywhere from 159 to 195.9.

The most expensive fuel prices can be found in Vancouver, BC at 206.8, while the cheapest can be found in Spruce Grove, AB at 139.9 per litre.

Fuel prices were expected to rise by about 11 cents this month, as fuel manufacturers switch from winter gasoline to a summer gasoline blend. Summer gasoline blends are typically used between April and September in Canada.