Kirsten Barret has been crowned our Mom Genes winner! 

We asked you to submit a photo of you and your mom to show us how much you look alike. Her daughter Stephanie took the time to submit a beautiful photo along with this write-up: 

"My mom, Kirsten, is amazing. She’s always been a working mom, but she’s always made time for my siblings and I and made sure we had everything we needed. From cooking us meals to teaching us responsibility she’s always had our best interest at heart. She’s super outgoing and cares for the people around her too- whether it be inviting people over for meals, dropping off care packages, or checking in on how they’re doing. She’s always been ready to lend a hand or two and always has a willing ear, a shoulder to cry on, and great advice," said Stephanie in her Mom Genes submission. 

Stephanie won her mother Kirsten this Mother's Day prize pack: 

$250.00 gift certificate to Brennan's Jewellers

$75.00 gift card from Debbie's Greenhouse

$75.00 towards a family meal for four from The Supper Fairy

$75.00 towards any service at Rosie's Napa Autopro

$50.00 for laundry services from Pur Plus Cleaners

$50.00 gift card from The Boathouse

Thank you to everyone who entered in for Mom Genes 2021 - beautiful submissions all around! Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there! 

We gave Stephanie a call this morning to let her know the good news. Listen below!