Four new fires were discovered in the region by the late afternoon of Sunday, August 1, according to the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services.

There are 110 active fires in the northwest region. A total of 17 fires are not under control, five fires are being held, 15 fires are under control and 73 fires are being observed. Seven fires were called out today. 

Significant reductions to the active fire load in recent days can be attributed both to the hard work of Initial Attack FireRangers as well as several instances of fires merging with others nearby to become single, larger fires. 

The wildland fire hazard is mainly moderate to low throughout the northwest region with growing pockets of high and extreme fire hazard conditions in the Kenora, Red Lake, Dryden, Fort Frances districts. Hazard conditions are rebounding following the moderating effect of scattered rainfall across the region late last week. 

The four new fires that were discovered are;

  • Fort Frances 114 is located near Batchewaung Lake on the edge of the northern boundary of Quetico Provincial Park, approximately 13 kilometres south of Atikokan. The 0.1 hectare fire has been called out. 
  • Kenora 134 is located adjacent to Provincial Hwy. 671, approximately 8.5 kilometres south of Asubpeeschoseewagong First Nation (Grassy Narrows). The 0.1 hectare fire is under control. 
  • Sioux Lookout 125 is located near the north shore of Pickle Lake, approximately four kilometres west of the community of Pickle Lake across the lake. The 0.1 hectare fire is not under control. 
  • Thunder Bay 88 is located near Athelstane Lake, approximately 68 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay. The 0.1 hectare fire is not under control. 

Fires of Note 

  • Kenora 51 - fire of concern to Wabaseemoong 
  • Fire is not under control at 171,148 and continues to burn north of Umfreville Lake. 
  • Kenora 51 is now approximately 20 kilometres north of Wabaseemoong Independent Nation 
  • Smoke is affecting the wider Kenora area. 
  • Helicopters with buckets and water bombing airplanes are being used to slow the fire. 
  • Ignition crews are ready to bring the fire to natural boundaries when the weather is favorable and bulldozer lines may be used to further access and contain the fire. 
  • Fire guard has been completed on south end. 
  • Crews working to protect community values and critical infrastructure. 
  • An Incident Management Team is established on the fire.
  • Red Lake 65 – of concern to Poplar Hill First Nation   
  • The fire is 18330 hectares and located 6 kilometres west of the community.  
  • Crews are making good progress on east side of the spot fire.  
  • Fire behaviour was quiet as a result rain received over the past 48 hours  
  • Poplar Hill's weather station received 12.7 mm of rain overnight on July 31. 
  • Crews onsite to monitor the values protection equipment, and to look for opportunities to action any hot spots.
  • Red Lake 51 – of concern to Deer Lake First Nation   
  • The fire is 52,106 hectares and located approximately 24 kilometres west of the community.  
  • Priorities are focused on protection of Deer Lake.  
  • Crews are working hose lines along the east side of the fire.  
  • The Community Values Protection Team has completed work on the community and critical infrastructure and is monitoring and maintaining the equipment.  
  • An Incident Management Team has been assigned to oversee this fire.  
  • Community evacuation complete, only essential workers remain.
  • Sioux Lookout 60 - of concern to Cat Lake First Nation 
  • The fire is 1,487 hectares and located 8 kilometres west of the community.  
  • The fire displayed limited activity in recent days due to weather conditions. 
  • Community protection efforts are ongoing. 
  • Crews are assigned to the fire. More crews will be arriving soon. Crews are establishing hoselines on the fire. 
  • An Incident Management Team is managing the fire. 
  • Red Lake 77 – Fire of concern to Red Lake   
  • The fire is not under control at 30,519 ha, approximately 33 km west of Red Lake. 
  • Crews have been mobilized to work a portion of the northeast corner. 
  • Fireguard continues to be built east of the fire, heavy equipment is making good progress.  
  • Fire behaviour was smouldering with areas of open flame on the perimeter.