Two new fires were discovered in the region by the early evening of Thursday, August 5, according to the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services.

There are 119 active fires in the northwest region. A total of 18 fires are not under control, nine fires are being held, 13 fires are under control and 79 fires are being observed.

The wildland fire hazard in the northwest region is mainly low to moderate with areas of high hazard persisting in the Fort Frances, Dryden, and Thunder Bay sectors.

The new fires are:

  • Dryden 115 is located near the eastern shore of Indian Lake, approximately 12 kilometres north of Ignace. The 0.1 hectare fire is under control.
  • Fort Frances 120 is located near Argo Lake amidst the large cluster of fires in Quetico Provincial Park. The 27 hectare fire is being observed.

Fires of Note:

Kenora 51 – fire of note to Wabaseemoong

  • The fire is sized at 197,549 hectares and remains 20 km north of Wabaseemong community on the northern side of Umfreville Lake.
  • Little rain fell on the southern part of the fire with more significant precipitation in the north. This has diminished fire activity, but is not expected to have a long term effect due to persistent drought conditions.
  • Prior to the rain, ignition teams had success bringing the fire to natural boundaries. They will resume when drier conditions prevail.
  • Waterbombers prevented the western side of the fire growing significantly and helicopters with buckets slowed the eastern side. Low cloud is restricting air attack today.
  • Bulldozers are continuing to construct an access road and fire guard on the eastern side of Wabaseemoong. Community protection efforts continue.

Red Lake 51- fire of concern to Deer Lake

  • The fire is being observed/modified response - 52,106 ha – 24 km west of Deer Lake
  • Deer Lake weather station reported 15 mm of rain overnight.
  • Fire behaviour was smoldering with visible smoke and some open flame.
  • Priorities are focused on protection of Deer Lake.
  • Crews continue to work on the east flank.


Red Lake 65 – fire of concern to Poplar Hill

  • The fire is not under control - 19,796 ha – 6 km west of Poplar Hill
  • Poplar Hill weather station reported 23 mm of rain overnight.
    Fire behaviour remains quiet with smoldering and some visible smoke.
  • Priorities are focused on protection of Poplar Hill.
  • Crews continue to make good progress on east side of the spot fire.


Red Lake 77- fire of concern to Red Lake

  • The fire is not under control – 27,899 ha – 33 km west of Red Lake
  • Fire behaviour was generally decreased to smoldering and some open flame due to smoke cover, with some interior burning causing smoky conditions.
  • Fireguard continues to be built east of the fire, heavy equipment is making good progress.
  • Crews continue to establish hose lines working on the north east edge of the fire. Heli-buckets assisted at the end of the day. Additional crews were put onto the northeast edge at the end of the day.

Sioux Lookout 60 - fire of concern to Cat Lake First Nation  

  • The fire is 1,487 hectares and located 8 kilometres west of the community.
  • The fire’s status has changed to under control.
  • The fire displayed limited activity in recent days due to weather conditions.  
  • Community protection efforts are ongoing.
  • Crews are assigned to the fire. More crews will be arriving soon. Crews are establishing hoselines on the fire.  
  • An Incident Management Team is managing the fire.