No new fires were discovered in the region by the early evening of Monday, August 9, according to the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services.

Kenora Fire 51, 20 km north of Wabaseemoong, has grown to 200,667 hectares, or 4.3 times bigger than the City of Winnipeg and remains active.

There are 114 active fires in the northwest region. 13 fires are not under control, 3 fires are being held, 11 fires are under control and 87 fires are being monitored.

The forest fire hazard remains low to moderate throughout most of the region, with pockets of high to extreme risk in the far north and south.

Notice to Airmen. It is unlawful to operate any aircraft over a forest fire or within 10km of a wildland fire at an altitude of less than 3,000 ft.

Fires of Note:

Kenora 51

  • Kenora 51 is 200,667 hectares and remains active. Forecast weather conditions indicate light variable wind with moderate to intermittently intense fire activity depending on local conditions. Patchy rain over the fire is not expected to have a lasting effect.
  • Kenora 51 remains 20 km north of Wabaseemoong on the northern side of Umfreville Lake.
  • Water bombing aircraft and helicopters with buckets slowed the fire around Davidson Lake on the Manitoba border.
  • Helicopters with buckets and firefighters with hose lines attacked hots spots and mopped up around property on the eastern edge of the fire. 
  • Bulldozers are constructing fire guard on the eastern edge of the fire.
  • Crews are continuing to run sprinklers to protect properties
  • Fire Rangers working to protect community values and critical infrastructure around the fire area.
  • An Incident Management Team is established on the fire.


Red Lake 65    

  • The fire has been remapped to 20,254 hectares and located 6 kilometres west of Poplar Hill First Nation.   
  • Crews continue laying and working hose lines on strategic areas of the fires. Heli-buckets continue to assist where needed. 
  • Fire behaviour is smouldering with some visible smoke

Red Lake 51    

  • The fire has been remapped to 53,522 hectares and located approximately 24 kilometres west of Deer Lake First Nation.   
  • Priorities are focused on protection of Deer Lake First Nation.   
  • Crews are working hose lines along the east side of the fire.   
  • Fire behaviour is smouldering with some visible smoke.
  • An Incident Management Team has been assigned to oversee this fire.   

Red Lake 77    

  • The fire is not under control and is 27,899 ha, approximately 33 km west of Red Lake.  
  • Fire behaviour is smouldering with some open flame observed.
  • Crews continue to establish hose lines working on the north east edge of the fire while Heli-buckets assisted with hot spots.
  • Fireguard continues to be built east of the fire.