The cost to participate in a commemorative bench program in Dryden will increase.

City council agreed to up the price by about 11 per cent, or $100 per bench.

The city started the program about two years for residents to purchase a bench in memory or honour of a loved one.

Community Services Manager Steve Belanger says it was to operate at a break-even basis, but an unexpected price increase put the program in a loss position.

"When we did go through and make our first order early in 2023, there actually was an increase since the six months we had actually reached out to that group," says Belanger. "It was a single bench order. And we realized that, with that one, with the shipping, we lost a small amount of dollars. When you look at the cost of a bench and the quality of the bench and the duration of it, not a huge loss, but a loss nonetheless."

The program has led to four benches being purchased and placed around the community.

Belanger says four more were ordered this week and will be placed at the dog park.

There are two at the splash park, one at Flat Rock and the other at Princess Court.

Belanger says there are two styles to choose from.

"Two with the same bench, one with a very large plaque, one with a small plaque. The first style is designed for more recreation properties, as you would imagine, our parks, playgrounds and things like that. And the second bench is more for a green space or a passive space, the lines of Cooper Park, Flat Rock, or even Princess Court."

Belanger says to avoid the potential of another unexpected increase, contact with the supplier would be made again in the fall to discuss future pricing.