A blue-green algae bloom has been confirmed in Wabigoon Lake, in Dryden.

A sample of the bloom was taken in the Bonny Bay area and results show that toxins were present that exceed the Ontario Drinking Water Standard. Since the testing earlier this month, concentrations may now be higher or lower, depending on how the bloom has evolved; and the bloom can move and may not be localized to a single location on the lake.

In addition, on August 15, 2022, a second suspected bloom was reported in the Larson Bay area of Wabigoon Lake. As per the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks policy, it will not be sampled, as a bloom has already been confirmed in the lake. The public is asked to treat the bloom as blue-green algae and take necessary precautions. 

When blue-green algae blooms are present in the area, it is important to avoid drinking the water, swimming in it, and using it for bathing or other household purposes. Residential water treatment systems may not remove toxins and should not be relied on during a bloom event. Do not boil the water, as this can cause an increase in toxin levels. Municipally treated water supplies can be used normally unless you are notified otherwise.