Even though David Bruno lost the election in the Kenora riding, he continues to look forward to helping the government with Canada’s new Digital Charter, Bill C-11.

"I'm pleased that I'm going to continue the work that I've started with the government. Bill C-11 still has work to be done," said David Bruno.

Bruno has contributed to Canada’s new Digital Charter, Bill C-11, which is a new Cyber Security policy, and has advocated for new Cyber laws to the Ministry of Public Safety for the RCMP.

"I have a new cybersecurity law that I've written for the RCMP Cyber Crime Unit that I'm still going to continue to work for," added Bruno.

Born and raised in northwestern Ontario, Bruno has worked in the Canadian Embassy in Madrid, served in the Canadian Military as a Second Lieutenant and has degrees in Political Science and International Relations and Communications. He’s also the founder and CEO of a global Cybersecurity firm.

As of early morning on September 21, the Liberals were elected to a minority government with 155 seats, two less than when Parliament was dissolved in August.

"You know, we're very pleased that it's still a Liberal government. The Liberals have made quite a few gains over the past couple of years, even though we have had difficulties with the opposition parties, there's no question about that."

"But you know, we were very high up in the polls. I think it was just misread and here we are. We're right back where we started," added Bruno.

Bruno says he's learned and grown and looks forward to running in the next election.

Bruno came in third place with 4,807 votes, behind NDP candidate Janine Seymour and incumbent Conservative Eric Melillo.