Tim Deelstra represents bus drivers in the district, and he says policies allowing full capacity on buses isn't safe.

"A lot of our driver members are older people, who we consistently told throughout this pandemic they are the most at risk, if they gather COVID. They go home to their partners, who may also be elderly. The whole situation just seems to be unsafe," he said earlier today. 

The spokesman for UFCW Local 175 says buses can have up to 72 children on board. Since this would mean three children per seat, social distancing would be impossible, Deelstra says.

"The government could've done a better job here about putting out some protocols protecting the drivers, protecting the kids, and we'd still like to see them do that," Deelstra added.

Students are going back to class this fall with a staggered start, and the union says parents are already starting to drive their children to school on their own.

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