As the economy slowly gets back on track, Michelle Price of Michelle's Top Drawer in Dryden talks about how her business is doing.

"I opened May 19th. I think that was the day after the Tuesday they said we could open," she said last week. 

"Following all of the social distancing -- the cleaning rituals and all of those types of things -- we opened our doors, and it's been busy since the day we opened," she added.

Price is also a city councillor and past-president for the chamber of commerce.

"Looking at numbers, we're doing very, very well. We're above average per week and per day. I don't know if it's just because people want to get out and shop. For me, it's not because of online sales. It's people coming through the door," she noted.

In the community, Price says she's encouraged to see people out fishing, as well as kids playing outside, since the weather's been warm.