Prior to a NATO summit in Lithuania this week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced Canada will be bolstering its operations in Eastern Europe.

Speaking in Latvia this morning, along side his Latvian counterpart Krišjānis Kariņš, Trudeau announced Canada will be deploying another 1200 troops as part of Operation REASSURANCE.

The enhanced forward presence is part of an ongoing measure since 2017 to counter Russian aggression in the region.

"This is part of a $2.6 billion investment, we're announcing today, which also includes the purchase of critical weapons systems, and support for intelligence and cyber activities."

Operation REASSURANCE is one of the largest overseas missions currently underway by Canadian Forces, with 1100 members, which includes Air, Sea and Land assets.

Additionally, as part of the announcement and in appreciation for Canada's support in Latvia, the country named the street where today's announcement took place as 'Canadian Boulevard'.