After winning her fight in last year's visit to the K-Town Throwdown, Sarah Carter of Dryden's stepped into new roles.

"She's doing a wonderful job in helping to get all this stuff organized. She's kind of picked up the role," said Jesse Bongfeldt of United Fighters.

Carter's also going to be coaching some next-generation participants, with some eight-year-olds getting introduced to the sport.

Fighters from Winnipeg and Kenora on today's card at the rec centre.

This afternoon's Summer Brawl in Kenora will feature Phil Lauzon in the main event.

"You're going to see lots of kicks, probably a few knockouts, some technichal matches and a lot of skill," says Bongfeldt added.

Local fighters Mason Griffiths, Steve Baxter and Joze Zavala are also on today's card.

Earlier this year, Carter was part of the Canadian delegation, as they competed at the world championships for Muaythai fighting in Mexico.

Gates open in Kenora this afternoon at 3 p.m. with fights expected to go from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the rec centre.

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