This Mother's Day looks different for families across Canada this year. Grace Protopapas-Dunford is one local mom who will be celebrating the day at home with her husband Jordan and 2-year-old daughter Caroline (Callie), ordering take-out and video chatting family.

"Unfortunately we won't be able to get together with my husband's mom, and then my mom lives far away. So, not out of the ordinary that we aren't able to get together with her. In terms of what we'll be doing, we'll be keeping it pretty casual and just staying at home. Supporting local businesses by ordering some food for take-out, so I don't have to cook,"

She says navigating motherhood during the time of COVID-19 hasn't been easy. 

"This has changed everything. Really any family that has kids at home, no matter your situation, has had to completely adapt how you parent. I consider myself extremely lucky that I am able to work from home, and that I do have a husband who is also able to work from home, so I have that support. But there are plenty of moms out there who, they themselves are frontline workers, who have to go work and have to find care for their children, or their partner is a front line worker and they're home alone with kids -- multiple kids-- all day," she said. 

She commends all mothers during this time. 

"It's been tough for everyone I think, but that's what being a mom is all about. We just put our heads down and figure out a way to get through it, and try to keep our kid's best interests at heart. I mean, all the moms out there, everyone is doing a fabulous job. Sometimes you don't feel like it, I think everyone falls into that. There are days you don't feel like you're being a great mom, but you are. If you're doing your best, then you're doing enough, and you're putting your kid first. I just commend all the moms out there, in every situation. What they're doing for their kids is amazing, and I hope they're all having a fabulous Mother's Day," she said. 

Protopapas-Dunford will be welcoming her second child this summer.