Northwestern Ontario has experienced a very hot and dry summer bringing with it high unusual temperatures, little precipitation, and numerous heat warnings.

Rain could be a “possibility” in the forecast for tonight along with thunderstorms according to Environment Canada.

“That risk will go from late this afternoon into the evening, and there is a risk of thunderstorms, there is a chance that we can get rain, however, it's only a chance so the rain isn't guaranteed and there are some pockets that may not get rain, it really depends on how these thunderstorms develop,” said Gerald Chang Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada

Chang did add that the rain isn’t guaranteed as the rain and thunderstorms may not hit every area that needs rain.

The last time Kenora got any rain was back on July 4, 2021, where 40 millimeters of rain was recorded. Chang did bring up the uneven distribution of the rain.

“That is the problem because you get one day of a lot of rain and then for days you get nothing, and so the rain is not evenly distributed. On top of that, we look at the monthly average it should be around 103 millimeters and we’re nowhere near even around 50% so this is certainly not is slightly below normal at this point,” says Chang

The month of June saw very little rain as the area only saw a total of 15 millimeters, which is way below the monthly average at around 120 millimeters.

The chance of rain that the area may see this evening would be beneficial for the more than 66 active fires acoss the region and the dry climate the region has faced this summer.