The province is defending it's plan for back to school. Doctor David Williams is the medical officer of Health for Ontario, and he offers his comments.

"There's nothing totally risk-free, but the risk right now in the province of Ontario is again -- as we used to back in the end of February, before we had that influx of infected people -- the risk to the general public is getting lower again, but still we have to be vigilant. We still have to do our due diligence on following all the methods that we said -- that's in the community and in the school -- and we're going to do that and go forward so we can have a safe school and a safe community," he said yesterday.

Teachers and parents have been expressing their concerns about the plan. So the Education Minister Stephen Lecce was joined by the chief medical officer to answer questions, during the daily briefing.

"At this time, I don't see those risks. I will be open to hear that. I'll be open to recommendations from all  our scientists and our experts and our data to inform us. If there was a risk, and I was concerned about it, I would be letting you know and we would be taking action accordingly," Williams added.

Schools across the district are set to go back Sept. 3, which would be the first time in classrooms since before the March Break.

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