Councillors with the City of Dryden are going to take a closer look at a potential seniors housing development on Cecil Avenue.

The city held a Public Planning Meeting Monday night at City Hall about a zoning amendment ahead of the proposed development of a single-storey, 24-unit seniors apartment complex built by Bridge Roads Developments.

The ‘Hillside Estates’ would be located near Dryden’s Our Saviour Lutheran Church, which would remain and its leftover property would be split up to create two additional lots, with one of them being used for the apartment complex, if approved.

“After having developed in 30+ communities, we consider Dryden very welcoming and very easy to work with,” said Developer Travis Penner. “We certainly appreciate the opportunity to work in Dryden.”


A report from the city’s Building and Planning department states the currently vacant area is zoned for Institutional use and would need to be rezoned to Multiple Residential use, with a slight exception for a smaller amount of frontage on Myrtle Avenue.

The city’s report also states staff don’t expect to see any noise or traffic concerns due to the development, once completed.

But during the meeting, the city opened the floor to feedback about the proposal from the community and neighbouring residents did share concerns about traffic on Myrtle Avenue, as well as a potential increase in mischief, crime and foot traffic in the area.

Residents Sonia and Gary Green, as well as Phil Gosnell, were all concerned about traffic increases on a roadway they say already sees enough traffic, which were echoed by Councillor Marty MacKinnon.

“I had concerns brought to me about traffic in the area,” he said. “It’s pretty dense because of the church that is there. The back alley in behind Second Street into the Church parking lot is excessively busy. I’m going to ask that we really look at traffic in the area hard. That would be a priority.”

Chief Building Official Pam Skillen says she received one comment in full support of the proposal.

But due to the public’s concerns, Council is expected to take a look at a second staff report on the build during their May 23 Council meeting, with a vote expected at a later date.

If approved, the Hillside Estates would feature one bedroom and two-bedroom ‘barrier-free’ seniors housing units with access from Myrtle Avenue and 33 parking spaces, including 3 accessible spaces and a waste collection area.