Confederation College has unveiled their plan for local students who were unable to finish their semesters this year, and for students who are hoping to join the college in the 2020 summer, fall and winter semesters.

For students who were unable to complete their winter 2020 semesters, which took place between January and April of 2020, Confederation College says they intend to schedule a return to labs and work placements as soon as possible. Students will be contacted by their Program Coordinators as more information becomes available.

For spring / summer semester students, between May and August 2020, students will follow a 6-1-6 format. The first 6 weeks of the semester will be online, but after the Student Success Week break and with approval from health officials, some labs will resume in-person if possible where online delivery is not possible.

For fall semester students, between September and December 2020, Confederation College plans to return to a 7-1-7 format, delivering all theory remotely. Some labs and placements may be delivered in-person, and physical distancing measures will be followed.

However, any programs with work or clinical placements as a requirement that are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic will see the placement deferred.

“Preparing for a new academic year is a significant process and while this year will look different from previous years, we are committed to ensuring it will be equally successful for our students,” wrote Confederation College staff, in a prepared release.

“Confederation College has been working hard to prepare a framework that will support our students’ learning experience and ensure they receive the exceptional quality of education for which we are known, regardless of the delivery model.”

“We are also prepared to offer our students, employees and entire College community a safe learning and working environment by aligning our safety protocols with those recommended by federal and provincial governments and our public health authorities.”

Confederation College adds that students are still able to apply for on-campus residence accommodations for the fall, but staff haven’t yet been able to confirm the details on what on-campus residence will look like in the fall, based on the COVID-19 pandemic’s time-line.

Staff stress that all plans may be adjusted as a result of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, and from advice through public health officials.

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