Dryden city council is approving a two-year contract with Shawn Lappage to run the concessions at the Dryden Memorial Arena.

The city will get back $825 each month.

Community Services Manager Steve Belanger says the concession will be open about eight months of the year.

"We ask that the concessionaire be available for operation from August 15 to May 15. That is our ice install date, and our ice removal dates are a little bit flexible. We are flexible to the request of our users if those dollars are there," says Belanger.

The agreement also restricts certain items being sold, such as certain energy drinks, sunflower seeds and peanuts in a shell that make it difficult for staff cleaning up.

The city also commits the vendor to be adequately staffed during tournaments, junior A games and special events.

One councillors wonders if it is enough to meet the needs of arena patrons.

Ritchie Noel questions why other vendors are prohibited from setting up outside the arena.

"Because it's not about a vendor being financially viable in there. That shouldn't be our business. It should be the residents and the people that are using it having availability to services, food, things like that, not about the vendor making money," says Noel.

Belanger says the provision in the contract protects the vendor that is paying rent to the city.