The Manitoba-Ontario border remains closed to non-essential travel.

However, out-of-province contractors and property owners are being allowed to cross the border to work on their cottages.

"In the first week, we didn't deem cottage construction or recreational property construction as essential," said OPP Detachment Commander Jeff Duggan.

Duggan says the OPP sought legal advice and it was determined the provincial order wasn't clear what essential work is or whether work can continue at primary or recreational residences. 

"We are letting those people through [the border checkpoint] to continue work on seasonal residences," added Duggan.

At the border checkpoint, the OPP will be collecting the names of those crossing to complete essential work, the location of the worksite or recreational property and the duration of the work.

Duggan notes that members of the OPP could follow up to ensure out-of-province property owners aren't crossing the border under the guise of completing essential work to spend time at their recreational property.

Enforcement officials are set up roadways, at interprovincial points of entry, to screen incoming vehicles. All vehicles will be required to slow down as they approach the checkpoints.

Commercial vehicles, such as transport trucks, will be permitted to pass. Ontario-plated passenger vehicles will be required to enter the checkpoint, but will be allowed to proceed.

Officers will be screening incoming passenger vehicles with out-of-province plates to determine the reason for entering Ontario. Permitted reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Live/work in Ontario
  • Health care matters
  • Indigenous Treaty Rights
  • Child care or custody matters
  • Transportation of goods
  • Those travelling through Ontario to another location
  • Construction at recreational property 

Further specifics on vehicle border screening legislation can be found at

As required by the provincial Emergency Measures and Civil Protection Act, those not travelling for essential reasons will be refused entry.