Students with the Kenora Catholic District School Board will have new timetables to memorize this fall, as trustees have opted to switch from a dual semester model, to a new quadmester system.

For Grade 9 to 12 students, the KCDSB says the new system will help to reduce the number of student cohorts, or groups of students that will be learning together, that are in school each day.

“In the semester system, a student would take 4 credits between September and the end of January, and then 4 more credits between February and June,” explained Director of Education for the KCDSB, Derek Haime.

“In the quadmester system, they’re taking two credits between September to November, so basically a 10-week period opposed to a 20-week period, but students will be taking half of the number of courses.”

“The other change will be instead of approximately 75 minute periods, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, students will now have one period in the morning and period in the afternoon.”

The quadmesters are listed as:

- August 31 to November 10,
- November 11 to January 29,
- February 1 to April 19,
- April 20 to June 25,

In the first quadmester, period 2 from semester 1 will now be in the morning, and period 5 will now be in the afternoon. In the second quadmester, period 1 from semester 1 will now be in the morning, and period 4 will now be in the afternoon.

Haime also says the board will use staggered starts for their secondary students, but Kenora Catholic’s elementary schools will all start on September 3.

“Over the first couple of days of school, there will be different groups of students coming to re-acclimatize themselves to the new process. The big change will be moving to the quadmester system,” Haime added.

Grades 7 and 9 will begin on September 3, while Grades 8 and 12 will begin on September 4. Grade 10 students will begin their schedules on September 8, while Grade 11 students will begin on September 9.

Trustees with the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board are also planning a staggered start for their larger schools, but smaller schools will all start on September 3.

The KPDSB says Crolancia Public, Ear Falls Public, the Golden Learning Centre, Ignace Public, Lillian Berg, Red Lake-Madsen Public, Savant Lake Public, Sioux Narrows Public and Upsala Public schools will all start on September 3.

Elementary students in Beaver Brae, Open Roads, New Prospect, Sioux Mountain, Valleyview, King George VI, Evergreen and Keewatin Public Schools will all see staggered starts between September 3 and September 8.

Secondary students in Beaver Brae, Red Lake District High, Sioux North, Dryden High, Ignace, and Crolancia Public Schools will also see staggered starts between September 3 and September 9.

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