Staff with the Dryden Regional Health Centre are reminding community members that although the facility is working to resume inpatient and outpatient services, COVID-19 safety measures and precautions will remain in effect.

The DRHC says they’ve made changes to the way individuals will be accessing services, and it may include using virtual care tools. As well, processes for booking, registration, attendance and admissions for services have also changed to help keep patients and staff as safe as possible.

“The complex and multifaceted phase-in of services has been based on recommendations and best practices for physical distancing and disinfection practices and reflects the organization’s deep commitment to safety,” wrote DRHC staff, in a prepared release.

“While safety is our focus, patients will now have a different experience when presenting for care. Return to services at the DRHC is not a return to ‘normal’.”

When you come for care, changes will include:

- You will be screened on entrance,
- Masks must be worn at all times, and you’re asked to bring your own mask,
- You will be expected to practice frequent handwashing,
- You must respect and follow physical distancing recommendations,
- You will be required to enter and leave the facility through the doors closest to the service you’re accessing,
- You must respect and follow visitor restrictions,
- You may need to be tested for COVID-19,
- Cafeteria services are unavailable to visitors and patients.

“The Dryden Regional Health Centre recognizes that individuals may have been personally inconvenienced during our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and sincerely appreciates your further understanding and co-operation as we move forward in the safe delivery of services.”

“Our commitment to provide safe and high quality care to our patients and our communities is unwavering,” DRHC staff added.

Anyone with questions or concerns about their upcoming appointments are asked to call the appropriate department for information. If you're experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you're asked to contact your local assesment centre immediately.

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