The Dryden community is joining staff and leadership of Dryden GM and the City of Dryden in celebrating construction beginning on the area’s new state-of-the-art Splash Park.

“We’re so excited to bring this project to life after many months of planning and hard work. It’s amazing to see it start to come to life,” said Dryden GM’s Manager of Marking and Public Relations, Holly Kaemingh. “We’re really proud and we’re really excited.”

Northwestern Ontario’s Beyak Automotive Group announced a $230,000 donation to the City of Dryden to build a fully-accessible 2,800 square-foot splash park at the Rotary Park Complex on Wice Road in April, 2022.

''Design courtesy of Dryden GM. 

The City of Dryden plans to contribute the remaining $130,000 of the project’s costs, and municipal staff are tasked with maintaining the amenity once it’s built. The park is aiming to be open by mid-August, and moving forward, plans to be open between May 21 and September 30 each summer.

Kaemingh explains that construction crews broke ground on the project on July 11 while city crews began their work on July 18. Next, foundation work is scheduled for July 25 and is set to continue into early August, when city crews complete the finishing touches on the project.

Beyak Group President and former Dryden City Councillor, Nick Beyak, says he chose to develop the splash park in Dryden to benefit children and families who have endured difficult times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s exciting to see us breaking ground after months of planning by our Facilities Manager Tyson Dennis and City of Dryden staff,” said Beyak.

“I know anticipation will be building among parents and children of the community as construction moves forward and nears completion. We will be updating our progress to the public through social media posts and look forward to the grand opening in mid-August,” he adds.


Manager of Community Services, Steve Belanger, says the city has received a number of requests to develop its own splash park over the last few years, showing the community has a strong interest in the project.

Belanger’s report to councillors in April notes that other locations were considered but Rotary Park already had the needed water services in place, with on-site washrooms and change-rooms. Although, he notes the city will need to develop accessible parking spaces, a walking path and a seating area.

''Aerial photo courtesy of the City of Dryden. 

The Beyak Automotive Group is made up of Dryden GM, Sioux Lookout GM, Sunset Country Ford, Fort Frances GM and the Fort Frances Collision Centre, with over 110 employees in northwestern Ontario.