Hospital patients in Dryden will soon have access to a brand-new CT scanner.

“We’re very excited. If all the stars align, we’re looking to have it installed in the third week of June,” said Chief Executive Officer for the Dryden Regional Health Centre, Wade Petranik.

“The machine is in Winnipeg, and the prep work is now being done for the installation. We’re also doing some staff training for the new unit, and hopefully we’ll have our first patients through by the end of the month.”

Petranik noted that the portable CT scanner - which has been in-use since January after damage to the hospital’s old CT scanner - will remain at the hospital for a few weeks, in case staff run into issues with the new scanner.

He added that the new unit will allow access to new diagnostic imaging procedures that the hospital was never able to utilize before, and that the new unit is even more-safe than before.

“It will provide the latest and greatest diagnostic imaging technology. There will be less radiation dosage for the patient. It will also enable us to get into other types of exams that we’ve never explored before – cardiac, gastrointestinal, and more. We’re looking at how to take advantage of some other features as well.”

CT scanners are considered to be the most-important diagnostic tool in a hospital, as it’s used for cancer diagnostics, head trauma, the treatment of stroke, internal medicine and much more.  The hospital averages just over 18,000 emergency room visits annually, and in 2017, the CT scan unit was used to take 5,000 images for 2,000 patients. 

Petranik stressed that even though the hospital is bringing in the new unit, that doesn’t mean that it’s fully paid for. The fund-raising campaign will continue even after the new scanner is installed, and a financial update on the campaign will be revealed at their next Annual General Meeting.

“We’re so happy with the support that we’ve received from the community. The donations are still coming in,” Petranik added.

The hospital’s Annual General Meeting will be held on June 22. The campaign has a goal of $1.25 million.

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