Though snow is still on the ground and the threat of snow is possible people may want to start thinking about when they will remove their winter studded tires.

Ontario mandates that studded tires can only be used in Northern Ontario between September 1 and May 31 each year, as the studs can cause damage to roadways.

Studded tires are not allowed in Southern Ontario unless you’re visiting from out-of-province or a resident of Northern Ontario.

Jake Ballantyne, a mechanic at Rosie's Value Automotive said that leaving your studded tires on too long may damage more than just the roadways.

“It will be hard on your winter tires themselves because with the warmer temperatures they will wear more and also wear down your studs faster so you’ll burn them up in the nicer weather,” said Ballantyne.

Studded tires aren't cheap either, he mentioned that depending on the make or model of your vehicle you will be looking at roughly anywhere from $500-$1,200 to replace those types of tires.

If the price to replace your studded tires isn’t enough the fine you may be subject to by the OPP if they are not off by May 31 may make you think otherwise. Motorists could be subject to a fine of $110 under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario.

Studded tires have been proven to be more effective than other tires in wet or icy road conditions. However, on dry roads, studded tires take away from your vehicle’s traction when there is no snow between the tire and the roadway.

Studded tires were originally banned in Ontario in 1972.