Despite a few flurries earlier this week, the snow is probably gone for good in northwestern Ontario. That means all studded tires must be removed by Monday morning.

Ontario mandates that studded tires can only be used in Northern Ontario between September 1 and May 31 each year, as the studs can cause damage to roadways.

Sgt. Theresa Thomson from the Kenora OPP notes using studded tires outside of that time frame can lead to a $110 fine.

"Motorists in Ontario are required to have their studded tires off no later than May 31 of each year and they could be subject to a fine of $110. under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario."

Studded tires have been proven to be more effective than other tires on wet or icy road conditions. However, on dry roads, studded tires take away from your vehicle’s traction when there is no snow between the tire and the roadway.

Drivers outside of Ontario that are allowed in during the provincial shutdown can use studded tires while traveling in the province for up to one month. During this period, the only acceptable studs are Scandinavian-made lightweight studs, which can cause less damage.

Studded tires were originally banned in Ontario in 1972.