Drivers in the Dryden, Vermilion Bay and Sioux Lookout areas are urged to stay safe on local roads and highways, as snow and slush are creating dangerous road conditions in the area.

“One of the biggest tips is that if you don’t have to travel on Highway 17, don’t. Try to rearrange your plans to travel at a better time. The roads are not good at this time of the year, with the heavy snow,” said Inspector with the Dryden Police Service, Ann Tkachyk.

“Drive at a lower rate of speed so that you can brake in time. Leave lots of room between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you. Hopefully the vehicle behind you will leave room as well.”

The region saw between 10 to 20 centimetres of snow fall in parts of northwestern Ontario, and more snow is expected later tonight.

Kenora is anticipating roughly 5 centimetres overnight. Sioux Lookout is expecting between 5 to 10 centimetres of snow fall. Dryden may see another 10 to 15 centimetres again tonight.

Inspector Tkachyk adds that if you are travelling out of the area and on snow-covered highways, there are a number of potentially life-saving items to bring along with you.

“Make sure to bring what you need. Bring your cell phone and your charger, a GPS, a map, an ice scraper, shovels, jumper cables, windshield washer fluid, and an emergency vehicle kit – with blankets, traffic cones and first aid supplies.”

School buses in Dryden, Vermilion Bay and Sioux Lookout were cancelled earlier this morning, due to the road conditions and snowfall warnings.

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