An incredible act of support is continuing in Red Lake.

Ukrainian-born Dr. Kostyantyn Bulavintsev, known locally as ‘Dr. Kosta’ with The Red Lake Dental Clinic, and his wife have been working to collect donations to support their home country and the Ukrainian Army in the fight against Russia’s illegal invasion, to help in any way they could.

“We felt that we could not stay on the sideline when this tragedy was developing in Ukraine. Ukraine Army and Ukrainian people are in a difficult situation, fighting a well-equipped enemy. They could use any help,” said Dr. Bulavintsev.

Now, In an interview with Q104 and KenoraOnline on March 29, about one month after the campaign began, Dr. Bulavintsev says donations are nearing $23,000, and he still plans on matching all donations dollar for dollar.

“We’ve got donations as small as $20 and as large as $1,000. We had never hoped that people would be so generous and ready to help with this tragedy. We know that we are fortunate to be living in Canada, far away from the fighting. We want to help in a small way to make the situation better if we can,” he said.

Last week, Kenora MP Eric Melillo spoke about Dr. Kosta’s generosity and support for the people of Ukraine while delivering his Members Statement at the House of Commons, which received applause from MP’s across the country.

“I am really thankful for the outstanding support in raising money for the Ukrainian Army in the Red Lake community, and in towns around here in northwestern Ontario,” he adds, citing a variety of fundraisers taking place across the region.

“I’m thankful to my classmates from Dalhousie University. Great thanks to Eric Melillo for helping spread the message. And I’m thankful for local radio for helping us spread the message too.”

Dr. Bulavintsev’s campaign began shortly after Russia’s invasion on February 24, which has continued to threaten the independence of 44 million Ukrainian residents. He notes it’s been difficult to continue following the situation.

“This tragedy is in the front of our lives. People are dying in Ukraine. Children are dying. Infrastructure is being destroyed. We couldn’t stay aside from it. We decided to do what we can. I hope our small thing can help Ukraine at this time,” adds Bulavintsev.

Residents are asked to donate in person at the Red Lake Dental Clinic at 172 Howey Street, or by e-transfer at, with the password as ‘Ukraine’.