Leadership and staff with the Dryden Regional Health Centre are asking for the community help to keep frontline workers and the community as safe as possible, throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

Staff are asking community members to help prepare personal cloth masks for DRHC employees. The hospital is working to ensure that every employee has access to a cloth mask, and replacements when they become damaged or unusable.

“While the personal cloth masks do not replace medical grade personal protective equipment, the personal cloth masks are vital in the effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus,” explained DRHC staff, in a prepared release.

For sizing and pattern requirements, as well as any questions, residents are asked to contact Katherine Campbell at kcampbell@drhc.on.ca for more information.

DRHC staff are also thanking the community for their many donations and their support they’ve received so far.

“We are humbled by the way our community has come together during this time of uncertainty and have volunteered their time to produce the much needed masks that have already been donated. We thank the community and encourage residents to continue to ‘flatten the curve’ by maintaining physical distancing.”

Other essential PPE that hospitals have been on the search for includes: N95 masks, surgical masks, procedural masks, impervious gowns, eye protection, swabs, protective nitrile or vinyl gloves, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and powered air purifying respirators.

Opened boxes of masks may be accepted, but the preference is for sealed, unopened products.

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