Local hospitals are working alongside long-term care homes across the region to protect their residents from the threat of COVID-19.

President and CEO of the Dryden Regional Health Centre, Doreen Armstrong-Ross, explains that Ontario hospitals have been mandated to partner with a local long-term care home, and the DRHC will be supporting Princess Court residents.

“They have done a really great job since the beginning of this pandemic in ensuring that they are ready with restrictions, and are keeping their residents safe. We’ve been working with them and offering any support we can to ensure that those very vulnerable people in our community are very safe.”

Premier Doug Ford, the Ontario government and Public Health offices have been working together to arrange mass COVID-19 testing at long-term care homes. Testing in the region’s homes wrapped up this week, and no new cases of COVID-19 were found.

Statistics from the Ministry of Long-Term Care show that roughly 70 per cent of patients that have died from COVID-19 in Ontario have been from long-term care homes. Over 1,000 residents have passed away after over 174 outbreaks in those facilities.

A provincial model released in early April suggested the province might see 300,000 COVID-19 cases in a worst-case scenario, or as few as 20,000 in a best-case scenario.

With the exception of long-term care homes, experts say the province is seeing numbers that are more in line with a best-case scenario, and this is being attributed to the hard work and sacrifice of Ontarians.

Armstrong-Ross agreed, adding that social distancing measures are working in the Dryden area to prevent the spread of the virus. But she’s reminding the public that all public health measures still need to be strictly-followed.

“Dryden has not had any new reported cases, and that means that all of Dryden’s cases have been resolved for quite some time. We do continue to test daily.”

She says that there have been over 200 COVID-19 tests in Dryden through the emergency room, the assessment centre and community partners. Armstrong-Ross notes that staff are testing between one to three patients for the virus each day, and are are continuing to conduct mock exercises to stay prepared.

She adds the hard work and dedication of the hospital’s staff, especially doctors, has not gone unnoticed.

“All of the physicians have changed their practices and schedules to ensure that everything is covered. We really want to express our gratitude and appreciation of our physician group in Dryden. We want to let them know how much we appreciate the work, stress and dedication. Thank you to all of the physicians.”

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