The Dryden Regional Health Centre has made it that much easier to visit palliative care patients, as some of their COVID-19 restrictions have been eased.

Palliative care services involve improving the quality of life for patients who are facing life-threatening illnesses. Visiting these two patient rooms has been restricted since March, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

President and CEO of the Dryden Regional Health Centre, Doreen Armstrong-Ross, explains the reason behind the move.

“We know that it’s heart-wrenching to not have visitors at the end of life. With the minimal activity of COVID-19 at this time, we felt comfortable opening up visiting for palliative patients a little bit more. It’s still restricted, but we are opening that up a little bit more.”

One essential visitor will be allowed within the palliative care rooms, if they are approved and pass COVID-19 screening before entering the hospital at the main entrance.

Armstrong-Ross says hospital staff are continuing to look into opening up and easing more visitor restrictions, but at this time, non-essential visitors are still not allowed in the building until further notice.

Armstrong-Ross and staff are also asking all community members to always wear COVID-19 masks to keep the community and hospital patients, as well as staff, as safe as possible.

“Whether it’s a homemade cloth mask or a surgical mask, either is fine. If you come and you don’t have a mask we will provide you with one, but the expectation is that people wear masks around the organization at all times.”

“As we all work to get through this pandemic, it’s important that we all work together and do our part. Proper hand hygiene and masking are key components of that at this time. Thank you for doing your part.”

The president and CEO added that all hospital staff are required to wear COVID-19 masks at all times, unless they can ensure proper physical distancing between them and their patients.

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