The Municipality of Red Lake has hired Captain Dexter Hupe of the Dryden Fire Service to be the community’s new Fire Chief.

Hupe joined the Dryden Fire Service in March of 2018 as a firefighter in the city’s Work Experience Program and was hired full-time in January 2020 as a Training Officer before being promoted to Captain by 2021.

“Dexter has played a vital role in the training and certification of our members, and over his 4.5 years of tenure, has made Dryden and Dryden Fire Service the place he called home,” wrote Dryden Fire Chief Chris Wood, in a social media post.

“We are incredibly grateful for Dexter’s dedication to training our team, assisting our team in keeping the City of Dryden safe. I am confident that the citizens and Municipality of Red Lake are lucky that their fire service is in your hands. Thank you again for all you have contributed. You will be dearly missed,” Wood adds.

The City of Dryden adopted its Work Experience program for the Dryden Fire Service in 2018 after a dispute with the Dryden Firefighters Association. The service model combines a mix of volunteers, full-time staff and the use of young firefighters still in training from pre-service fire colleges.