Generosity and community support for the Dryden Food Bank continued last week.

Dryden OPP members, Brittany Bembeneck and Ron Frults dropped off all donations collected from their Easter Bunny Food Drive to the food bank.

“They collected over 198 pounds of food and $105 in cash and dropped it off here,” said Al Huckabay, Dryden Food Bank Manager. “Their whole desire is just like the food banks, they want to help people who are struggling with food insecurity and they want to help families.”

“We really did appreciate them doing that for us and working together with us to alleviate hunger and renew hope,” added Huckabay.

The OPP’s donation helped add to the 86 food hampers that the food bank distributed for the Easter long weekend.

“We know that those numbers will not diminish this week now after Easter. We were just very thankful to be able to have the OPP and the community stand with us during the Easter season and can give food to people.”

The generosity to fight food insecurity hasn’t stopped these last few months for the food bank with numerous donations from the Dryden community.

“When we have organizations like Unifor Local 105 giving us a donation of $1,000, and Wal-Mart running their national Spark Change Fight Hunger program for us is tremendous to help us fill our shelves.”

The Royal Arch Masons stepped up and donated $1,500, the Brenda Leigh Bell Law Offices pitched in $500, the Dryden Free Methodist Church donated 94.7 lbs of food, and the Emmanuel Baptist Church gave $1,000 to the food bank.

Huckabay, says that due to the continuing increase in the cost of food, he has seen a definite increase in users.

“Families are facing some real struggles as the beginning of 2022 comes on. Our numbers have increased each month in those that are requesting and needing assistance.”

Huckabay concluded, by saying that he appreciated the community support from Dryden and the surrounding area to be able to keep their shelves stocked and hampers full for those that need the food.