The Dryden Regional Health Centre is facing its first deficit in over 20 years.

We had a pretty good run. Our last deficit was in 1996. All of the credit goes to the team here to be innovative and live within our means despite the challenges and pressures,” said Chief Executive Officer for the Dryden Regional Health Centre, Wade Petranik.

This year, the pressures got to us. It was a challenging year. We had an increased volume of patients and in our emergency department. We had some one-time related expenses that we don’t think are going to be on-going, but times are getting pretty tight.”

Petranik noted that last year, the hospital had a surplus of over $300,000. He added that new provincial regulations have also compounded the deficit issue.

On the positive side, the hospital is set to install their new CT scanner this week. The hospital averages just over 18,000 emergency room visits annually.

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CT scanner to be installed this month