A local Dryden resident is being recognized for her dedication to public health. 

It was announced on June 15, that the Association of Local Public Health Agencies (alPHa) has awarded Dryden resident, Trudy Sachowski, the Board of Health Section Distinguished Service Award for her dedication to public health in Ontario.   

Sachowski began her career in public health in 2014 when she applied as a provincial appointee to the Northwestern Health Unit’s (NWHU) Board of Health. Since then, she has continued to be deeply involved with various public health committees.  

Sachowski is now an executive member of the NWHU’s Board of Health and has also been newly elected as alPHa President.  

“Trudy has dedicated countless hours to improve the health of others. She represents our area at many tables and provides leadership and support at both a regional and provincial level. We are grateful to have her experience and knowledge on our Board of Health,” says Marilyn Herbacz, CEO at NWHU. 

“Trudy’s passion and dedication to public health is evident in all that she does. She is truly deserving of this award and on behalf of all NWHU staff, I would like to thank her for her leadership and commitment to make our region a healthier place to live,” says Dr. Kit Young Hoon, Medical Officer of Health at NWHU. 

The NWHU Board of Health Chair, Doug Lawrance also has nothing but praise for Sachowski’s work over the years, he said “I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Trudy for the past two years. She is an advocate not only for our area, but also for public health at the many tables she sits at. She is an asset to our region and I am honoured to have her as a colleague.” 

Being elected President of alPHa is also a major accomplishment for Sachowski and the Executive Director of alPHa, Loretta Ryan, commends Sachowski for her work. “I look forward to working with alPHa’s new President. Trudy Sachowski’s commitment to public health is nothing short of outstanding. alPHa is fortunate to have volunteers, such as Trudy, who are public health leaders,” says Ryan.