The City of Dryden is being represented in the provincial capital. A local history display is now at the Ontario Legislature building in Toronto, part of the Ontario Community Exhibits Program.

Staff with the Dryden & District Museum have created the “Gold Rush, Gold Rock, Ghost Town” display, that includes history and artifacts from the museum’s collection of the gold rush near Wabigoon and Dryden.

The gold rush brought 200 workers and their families to the area, which began a boom for the local economy. In addition, the gold rush brought the forestry industry to the area. However, by 1940, the gold deposit was depleted, the mines were closed, and the area was a “ghost town.”

“The Gold Rush of the Dryden area is one of the lesser discussed topics in our local history, as many think of the Klondike (now the Yukon) Territory as Canada’s Gold Rush region,” said Cultural & Tourism Coordinator, Bethany Waite.

“The opportunity to have Dryden & District’s history on display in our provincial capital is important to show others from around the province, throughout Canada and visitors from other countries what our local history is about.”

The City of Dryden is the third municipality in Northwestern Ontario to participate in this program, following Thunder Bay and Sioux Lookout.

The exhibit will be on display until January 1, 2019.