Dryden’s Fire Chief, Ryan Murrell, says that the city is fully achieving relevant standards for effective and efficient fire service operations. The city stressed that citizens and properties are protected in the case of an emergency. 

The City of Dryden has employed the services of five firefighters in total on a contract basis. The city says that these firefighters are an interim measure, as they deal with the volunteer firefighters situation. The city will also begin volunteer recruitment to the Dryden Fire Service today.

The city adds that the Office of the Fire Marshal has been made aware of the situation developing in Dryden, and is monitoring the public safety aspects of the city’s fire protection plan. 

In addition to the five contracted firefighters, who have been certified as Emergency Medical Responders and qualified with hazmat operations and rescue techniques, the city has maintained support from Dryden Fire Hall #2, several Fire Hall #1 volunteers and Dryden Fire Services staff. The city has also continued their mutual aid agreements with Oxdrift and Wabigoon.

In April, councillors will be discussing and reviewing their options regarding the long-term future of the Dryden Fire Service’s operations.

The firefighters association has been at an impasse with the city since February 23. Darren Trist made a delegation to council last week, on behalf of the Dryden Firefighters Association. Councillors Mary Trist and Roger Valley suggested a town hall meeting to help resolve the labour dispute, but their motion was defeated at last week's council meeting.

Dryden firefighters did respond to calls on the weekend. A tractor trailer unit flipped over on the Trans-Canada late Saturday spilling fuel onto the highway. A trailer caught fire Sunday.

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