The City of Dryden is looking at an agreement for a 1.2 million dollar project with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization.

It’s for a Learn More program developed by the NWMO.

Under the proposal, a special projects manage will be hired along with a partially funded Economic Development Manager and Junior planner and along with two summer employees.

It will also cover the costs that city staff contribute to the project.

Other part of the agreement include:

  • Legal counsel and professional communication support
  • General Operating and Travel expenses
  • Youth Centre support
  • Municipal strategic planning and organizational development, community investment marketing as well as architectural and engineering services for community capacity projects
  • Community Well-being fund

There is also Near-Term Investment funding of two million dollars.

The city says the agreement does not constitute support for the Township of Ignace as a host community for a nuclear waste repository.

City council will vote on the proposal at their open meeting next week.