A new source that connects residents of Dryden with an exclusive focus on local content has been released.

DrydenNow.com is an online portal that is an addition to the Q104 and KenoraOnline family, which provides the community of Dryden with fresh, timely and relevant content.

Station Manager with Q104, KenoraOnline and DrydenNow.com, Dan McCann says that he is thrilled with the release.

“KenoraOnline has been a successful part of our business and we want to recognize that Dryden is a unique community as well. We want to celebrate that. We also want to provide the residents with an online portal that is strictly dedicated to celebrating the community of Dryden and really connect people with what is important in their hometown,” he says.

Dryden will see a new face as News Reporter, Ryan Forbes has made the move from Kenora committing himself to providing news in a long-term presence.

News Reporter, Ryan Forbes

“We’re excited that for the first time in the history of Q104, we’re going to have a dedicated reporter for Dryden which will allow us to get to news when it happens and bring that content to the community even faster than we’ve been able to do until now,” McCann adds.

Q104 is a part of Golden West Broadcasting, which focuses on connecting communities and McCann adds this new release is a prime example.

“It’s a crucial part in what we do. It’s not just something we put on a plaque because it sounds nice; it’s something that we’re committed to. What we’re doing with Dryden Now, it’s a great opportunity to connect with the community in ways we’ve never done before”, he says.

DrydenNow.com has similarities to KenoraOnline. It showcases, first of all, Dryden news and weather. Online sports features its own Dryden GM Ice Dogs page, the Hello GoodBuy page is offered for local classifieds and the Events page keeps Dryden up to date on local fundraisers, shows, gatherings and more going on in the area.

“We’re confident the community is going to love it. This is all about you, Dryden. We’re excited for you to see what we have in store!” he says.

Q104 launched in November of 2004 in Vermilion Bay, ON, and relocated to Kenora in February of 2012. Shortly after, KenoraOnline.com debuted, followed by the KenoraLive App. 


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