Northwestern Ontario got hit with its first major snowfall of the region that caused poor driving conditions, which led to many highways in the region closing. 

The snowstorm began on Wednesday evening but really picked up yesterday (November 11, 2021) where the area saw 18. 6 cm of snow, combined with strong winds. 

Kenora Detachment Commander Inspector, Jeff Duggan was able to provide an update on the aftermath of the snowfall. 

"Since yesterday morning we've had 8 motor vehicle collisions, 12 stranded jackknifed tractor-trailer, and Highway 17 from Matso border to Shabaqua and Highway 71 from the 71, 17 turnoff to Emo remained closed," said Duggan. 

He is hopeful that the highways open today (November 12, 2021) depending on the weather, and how fast the MTO can clean the highways up. 

Duggan concluded by saying motorists are advised to drive cautiously - and are also encouraged to stay home if travel isn't necessary.