Northwestern Ontario is expected to be hit with its first major snowfall of the season.

Environment Canada issued a Winter Storm Watch earlier today (November 9, 2021) which ended their special weather statement that was issued yesterday (November 8, 2021).

They have predicted total accumulations of 20 to 40 cm of snow are possible by Friday evening.

Peter Kimbell, an Environment Canada Meteorologist said a low-pressure storm is brewing in the Northwestern United States that will make its way north to Kenora.

“The biggest development will occur as the storm is about over Kenora, and that means that the heavier snowfalls will occur over Kenora. The storm is growing, and as it grows it’s targeting northwestern Ontario especially Kenora,” said Kimbell.

Kimbell is predicting Kenora will be on the higher end of snowfall around the 40 cm range.

It’s expected the snowstorm will begin Wednesday evening (November 10, 2021), and continue through until Saturday (November 13, 2021).

The storm will bring strong winds at times, which could result in reduced visibility due to the blowing snow, especially on Thursday and possibly Friday.

Early into fall, the Kenora area has experienced unusual higher temperatures causing no snow early on into November. Kimbell noted this isn’t the first time area hasn’t seen snow early into November.

“I found that in 1953 snow began on November 10, and in 1931 the snow began on November 21. We’re pretty close to the latest in which the snow is beginning but this year it is beginning with a bang,” said Kimbell.

Kimbell concluded by saying with a large amount of snow expected, the area could see record snowfall amounts.

The greatest snowfall amount on November 9 was back in 1977 where 32.8 cm of snow was seen.