Residents near Willard Lake are being evacuated as Kenora Fire 25 continues to burn out of control.

"At this time, residents are being evacuated from Willard and Hawk Lake. They are evacuating [area residents] as a precaution," said Jonathon Scott, Fire Information Officer with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF).

At this time it's unclear how many residents have been evacuated from the area. Scott noted the evacuation is a precaution as the Kenora Fire 25 is two kilometres from Hawk Lake and 1.5 kilometres from Williard Lake.

"There are currently three tankers on it, they've assigned four crews and will be sending more into the area," added Scott.

At the time of publishing, Kenora Fire 25 remains at 150 hectares and the cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

The forest fire hazard remains high to extreme across the region and residents are reminded there is no day burning and to be cautious when burning.

"At this time there is no restricted fire zone in place and we're monitoring the situation," noted Scott.

Three fires in the same area, Kenora Fire 25, 26 & 29, have merged and the fire will now be known as Kenora Fire 25.