"The probability of an evacuation still remains likely in our near future," said Fred Mota, Red Lake's Mayor, in the Municipality of Red Lake's daily fire update social media post.

The concern remains to be three fires, two of which have merge, near the communities of Red Lake and Madsen.

In the daily social media post the Municipality of Red Lake says, "Red Lake Fire 077 remains approximately 20km west of the communities of Madsen and Starratt-Olsen. The winds today changed from the Southwest and are now blowing directly out of the West gusting up to 20km/hr. The fire remains with very dry conditions and is now approximately 19,000 hectares and not under control. Fire 077 remains a concern for our community."

The post when on to say, "to the North of Red Lake Fire 077, Red Lake Fire 016 joined Red Lake Fire 067. This fire behavior may also pose a threat to our community and remains approximately 10km to the North away from Red Lake Fire 077. The size of this fire is approximately 120,000 hectares. There is a very real chance these fires will join together with Red Lake Fire 077. It is estimated that once these fires combine, the fire may be well over 150,000 hectares in size."

Area residents may see sprinklers and equipment throughout various areas of Red Lake and the Madsen area. This is a proactive approach and is designed to add an additional layer of protection to the immediate community’s needs and infrastructural needs.

The next update from the Municipality of Red Lake is at 3 p.m. on Friday, July 16