Edit 10:33 a.m.: The extreme cold warning has ended. Stay warm! 

Northwestern Ontarians are waking up to the coldest morning the region has seen so far this season. 

An extreme cold warning has been issued by Environment Canada and windchill values are nearing the -40 Celcius mark. 

Milder temperatures and more moderate wind chills are forecast for tonight, with some relief going into our weekend as Friday's high will hover around -5. 

Extreme cold puts everyone at risk:

Risks are greater for young children, older adults, people with chronic illnesses, people working or exercising outdoors, and those without proper shelter.

Cover up. Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with wind chill.

If it's too cold for you to stay outside, it's too cold for your pet to stay outside.

Outdoor workers should take regularly scheduled breaks to warm up.