Water levels on Lake of the Woods are expected to rise by up to 12 inches today after additional outflow increases from the Lake of the Woods Control Board, to fight back against ‘extreme’ weather conditions and precipitation in the region.

The board says flows in many areas remain exceptionally high for the end of April, but some major rivers are showing a slight decline. The current level of Lake of the Woods is in its 75th percentile level for this time of the year, after rising by about 10” last week.

After today’s outflow increases, staff with the Lake of the Woods Control Board say levels on the Winnipeg River are expected to rise by:

Below Norman Dam – 12”
Above Kimberley Rapids – 10”
Winnipeg River Marina – 9”
Near Locke Bay – 9”
Above Myrtle Rapids – 9”
Above the Dalles – 8”
Above Throat Rapids – 9”
Minaki – 8”

Staff note that additional outflow increases could be scheduled again for Monday.

The control board’s decision to increase outflows comes as the region is expecting another major storm system to move through the area this weekend, as Environment Canada projects another 20 millimetres of rainfall for the region into next week.

The Municipalities of Fort Frances and Emo have both declared State of Emergencies due to flooding on local roadways.