Staff with Dryden’s Princess Court Long-Term Care Facility acted quickly. They were able to extinguish a fire at the seniors facility on Sunday.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, nine personnel from the Dryden Fire Service received an alarm call at Princess Court. Upon arrival, crews found a pile of debris in a private room that had been charred from a fire. Nursing staff had successfully extinguished the fire prior to the firefighter’s arrival. Crews worked to remove the debris, and to ventilate the smoke out of the vicinity.

"We treat all long-term care facility fires seriously, which have special provisions regarding fire safety,” said Dryden Fire Service Chief, Ryan Murrell. “Staff at Princess Court did a remarkable job of extinguishing this fire, and followed their fire safety plan to ensure safety of these individuals inside."

The incident has been reported to the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management for investigation. There were no injuries. 

The Dryden Fire Service wants to remind residents that fire safety plans, detailed inspections and fire drills are mandated for nursing homes, long-term care facilities and hospitals under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

However, the service noted that all Ontarians should take care to have a plan of escape in any building. That includes what to do in an emergency, a safe meeting location and at least two methods of evacuation.