Its a good news - bad news kind of way of looking at it on the forest fire front.

That's according to fire information officer Chris Marchand who says the active number of fires currently sit at 48 this afternoon.

"We have seen some rain in varying amounts across most places in the Northwest region, which has reduced fire behavior on a lot of these big fires and lowered the fire hazard to low for the time being."

However, the bad news is that for the foreseeable future the Restricted Fire Zone will remain in effect.

While the hazard is low, it could return to high by as early as Monday.

Marchand is also suggesting this weekend residents attend the professional fireworks displays, instead of a do it yourself show, to help keep human caused fires low.

He notes while fireworks are not barred from being set off during a restricted fire zone, there is a liability factor.

"People who do discharge fireworks, they're taking on the responsibility for any fire that might occur as a result of their fireworks.".

That responsibility would include the costs associated with putting the fire out.